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Patrick A. Thompson, AWMA®

Patrick A. Thompson, AWMA®

Financial Advisor & Principal

(949) 305-5836

About Us

The driving principles behind the financial guidance we provide our clients is simple; to have a keen awareness of your financial position today, be cognizant of your propensity towards risk, and have your goals be the foundation of our work on your behalf every step of the way. We are your personal fiduciary, always focusing on your wellbeing and do what is in your best interests. That may mean having tough, candid and honest conversations. We will never sidestep that responsibility. Life is often unpredictable and navigating the challenges of budgeting, saving, and retirement is easier when you have us in your corner as advocates and fiduciaries.

We are not beholden to the corporate agenda of a Wall Street firm. We are not influenced by an investment banking arm. Our research on your behalf is therefore not tainted by conflicts of interest. This drives our unique level of personalized service not always found in other investor-advisor relationships.